Excellent EA opportunities

Please check out this link for info on a few different options to spend time in France via the Sister Cities program.

  • Full scholarship for a semester at the University of Caen
  • Summer internships around Normandy
  • Year-long teaching assistant position in Deauville (must have completed BA/BS degree first)

Final exam, December 15, 10:30a-12:30p

The final exam will take place in our regular classroom.

All items will come from the second half of the semester, since the midterm exam. Consult the schedule to see the dates of material we have covered. You are responsible for material from the textbook (La France contemporaine), The Politics of the Veil, and the film we will watch next week, Paris, je ‘taime, as well as all in-class work. Paris, je t’aime is available in Young Media Library for review purposes, and you should also plan to take good notes while we screen the film in class December 6-8.

I. Identification

  • List of important terms (la laïcité, le foulard islamique, l’énergie nucléaire, le bac général, etc.) to define briefly (2-3 sentences) as the term relates to French society. The list will be longer than the requirements (you will choose 5 of 8-10 possible items).

II. Short Essays

  • These will come directly from daily learning objectives and the blog posts we’ve done daily in class, as well as from HW assignments. You can access all blog posts here and all daily learning objectives here.
  • In this section, too, you will have more questions than you are required to answer, so you can choose the questions you can best answer. You will respond to 5 questions out of 8-10 given. Respond to questions with as much detail as possible.

Other info:

  • Absolutely no electronics of any kind (leave them in your bag, on the floor), but you may use a paper dictionary if you wish.
  • You may also bring a cheat sheet, half a page of paper, writing on front and back (or a full sheet with writing only on the front). You can write by hand/draw anything on it that you like, but you may not print (electronically), so no typing or printed images. Typed info/printed images will result in confiscation of the sheet prior to the exam. You’ll hand the sheet in with your exam.
  • When you come into the classroom on exam day, please take advantage of all the seating in the room and leave an empty chair between you and other students.

The Politics of the Veil, Ch 3, 4, 5 + Conclusion

Count to 4 to split into different groups.


  1. Compare the cartoon on p. 165 of The Politics of the Veil with the one we analyzed in class yesterday. What are the similarities/differences? Which is more effective at capturing the issue(s)?
  2. What is secularism in France and how does it differ in the US?
  3. How does the headscarf threaten « laïcité »?
  4. What are the arguments for and against the law?
  5. What is the role of individualism and agency in this debate?
  6. Sexuality and the headscarf: what are some of the issues ?


  1. What did you write about in your reaction to the book?
  2. What is your take on the question of the headscarf? Do you support or oppose the law in France?  Why?  Could this happen in the US?  How would you feel about it?  Why is this such an issue for the French and not here ?  Or is it ?


The Politics of the Veil, Intro + Ch 1 & 2

Count to 4 to split into different groups.


Take five minutes and write about your reaction to this political cartoon. What do you observe in the cartoon? Do you agree with it? Parts of it? After you’ve written for five minutes, discuss with the members of your table.


  1. What is your reaction to the book?
  2. Who is Joan Wallach Scott (Google)?
  3. What are the three “headscarf controversies” detailed by Scott?
  4. American multiculturalism: what is the French reaction to this, according to Scott?
  5. What is the significance of the different words for “veil”? What are the different words?
  6. What role does the Front National play, according to Scott?
  7. What is Scott’s argument about racism?
  8. What is the role of the Algerian War, and of colonialism?

Your discussion questions

Share your prepared discussion questions with the members of your group.

La technologie et le commerce

À discuter

  1. Que pensez-vous de la politique de protection de l’environnement dans votre pays ? Votre gouvernement fait-il suffisamment d’efforts pour le protéger ? Quels efforts supplémentaires est-ce que votre pays devrait faire ?
  2. D’après vous, est-ce une bonne idée pour un pays d’avoir des centrales nucléaires ? Quels sont les avantages et les désavantages ?
  3. Est-ce que vous pensez que votre pays dépend trop d’autres nations pour ses besoins énergétiques ? Est-ce que vous voyez des solutions ?
  4. Est-ce qu’il y a un parti politique ou un mouvement écologiste dans votre pays ? Qu’est-ce que vous pensez des préoccupations écologistes en général ? Sont-elles alarmistes ou justifées ?
  5. Que pensez-vous de la mondialisation ? Expliquez vos opinions.